Light tables

Light tables, or light boxes, are used, for example, by illustrators, designers, cartoonists - as well as scrapbooking, subtitling and imagery of slides. We sell both light tables with fluorescent lamps and light table with led lights. Generally, we recommend the led light tables, as they provide an even and stronger light, as well as longer lifespan. The light boxes with led lights also have a steady and more solid construction. If the light table is to be photographed, LED light is required to avoid flicker. The artograph lightboards hold incredibly high quality and have a long lifespan. Metal frame and led lighting. Available to buy are also good accessories like Pad Pucks and carry bags. We have been selling the Daylights Wafer Light Table for a while. These light boxes are extremely thin, only 0.8 cm, and have low weight. They have LED lighting and are dimmable. Available in three different sizes. Extremely affordable and we highly recommend them. We have cheap and excellent lightstands in A5, A4, A3 and A2 size. As usual, the same low prices in the store in Stockholm!
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