Artograph LightPad 940 LX A3

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The popular LightPad® light box by Artograph comes home to the USA, and is brighter and better than ever! The new LightPad® LX series light box keeps the same aluminum frame construction, with the cool, bright, evenly illuminated surface you’ve come to expect. Now made in the USA, the new LightPad® LX adds adjustable brightness so you can dim or brighten the maintenance-free LED lights to suit your project.

Item number:1563
Product description

Variable Brightness 500 to 5000 lux. Color Temperature 6500K, cool white. Power supply; AC Adapter 100 V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz. Includes custom protective storage sleeve. LightPad® 940 LX™: 305 mm x 432 mm.