The perfect gift for yourself or someone else - a pencil with name engraving! On the pens in this category you have the option to add a name request. We engrave your pens with laser engraver your pen with the text or name you want. Generally, the engraving becomes more prominent on colored / painted pens. Then the material appears under the paint - often brass, which gives a brass-colored (approximately gold-colored) engraving. On pencils in uncoloured metal or chrome, the engraving becomes a bit subtle, but still very elegant. It's a pure taste how you want it. Textually, we usually propose to make it easy - the recipient's first and last name will be both beautiful and appreciated. Of course, you do, however, just as you wish!The price for engraving is 149 kr and it takes up to one day extra, in addition to normal delivery time.
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