Portrait 20-set

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A big set with PanPastel's that includes 20 colors and Sofft Tools.

PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colors packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that you can blend and apply dry color like fluid paint for the first time.

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Product description

Colors included: 100.5 Titanium White, 250.3 Diarylide Yellow Shade, 270.8 Yellow Ochre Tint, 280.8 Orange Tint, 740.8 Burnt Sienna Tint, 340.5 Permanent Red, 340.8 Permanent Red Tint, 380.8 Red Iron Oxide Tint, 380.3 Red Iron Oxide Shade, 470.8 Violet Tint, 520.3 Ultramarine Blue Shade, 580.3 Turquoise Shade, 660.3 Chrom. Ox. Green Shade, 740.5 Burnt Sienna, 740.3 Burnt Sienna Shade, 780.5 Raw Umber, 780.3 Raw Umber Shade, 780.8 Raw Umber Tint, 820.5 Neutral Grey, 840.3 Paynes Grey.